In 2014 Brent had an epiphany. As a father and tech enthusiast, he realized we were standing at a very unique point in history. We were the last digital immigrants charged with raising the first digital natives. But with everything changing so fast, there was no road map to follow. So he did what anyone would do in his position... he grabbed a co-host and started a podcast. Digital Dads lasted nearly three years and left a lasting impact on both him and his ...

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Podcaster and Entrepreneur Brent Basham | Co-Founder of Poddit.Net
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  • Brent is an amazing generous person. I have known him for a bit over a year and had the opportunity to meet him as well. He is someone who you immediately recognize in real life. There is no artifice at all. Brent is passionately working on a product to solve a real world need.
    Eric Hunley
    Host, Speaker, Tech Reviewer, IPA Lover (maybe that's too much info)
  • Brent is on a mission save podcasters time in finding guests for their shows. I had the opportunity to talk with Brent at length and found him to be truly committed to his vision for Poddit.net with the smarts, business savvy and technical expertise to lead this type of startup effort. He is also personable, customer-service oriented and a polished speaker. I highly recommend Brent as a podcast guest.
    Ross Brand
    Live Streaming Host & Strategist
  • Brent is a great person to work with and has created an amazing tool that is super easy to navigate and use to get and give podcast interviews!
    Bonnie L Frank
    Host of the Business Fabulous podcast
  • I interviewed Brent on the Thought Leaders Business Lab, and the conversation flowed so easily. He offered a fantastic mix of expert advice and authenticity, mixed with relatable stories.
    Samantha Riley
    Business Growth & Marketing Strategist
  • I had the pleasure of interviewing Brent on Toys & Tech of the Trade. Brent not only came in ready to share his story but there were a lot of personal similarities between our journeys. Brent is awesome!!
    Richard Butler
    Podcaster | Content Creator | Editor in Chief at RAGE Works