Informative podcasts and videos to help you SAVE, INVEST, and PROTECT your hard earned money. Join us for full reviews of your workplace retirement accounts, tips on how to be a better consumer, fraud and scam alerts, and much more! Unlike other podcasts, we will never produce content influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. All this and more is provided without any fees, commissions, or sales pitches. Everything is completely FREE of charge. We have nothing to sell and we are not looking to obtain clients. We are very transparent and unbiased.

We are self-made millionaires who invested properly over time in our retirement accounts (401K, 457, HSA), saved, and protected our assets/personal information. Average everyday millionaires. Our podcast is giving back to help others avoid costly mistakes by selecting the wrong advisers, paying fees and commissions where it is not needed, or purchasing financial products which are generally junk.

Craig is a retired firefighter/paramedic/disaster responder in the Washington, DC metro area. Came out of retirement to work for two Fortune 100 companies obtain...

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