I have been writing books since I was fourteen years old, completing my first one in high school and finding it incredibly boring. Since scrapping that first attempt and diving headlong into writing at every opportunity, I have sharpened my skills with online forum based roleplay, short stories, novels, and serial fiction alike! I have been published with Alpine Line Publishers for over five years now, currently with six novels published through them, and have recently launched two serial novels on Royal Road. With one book in processing at Alpine Line and another in the works, not to mention innumerable other works in progress set aside, I plan to be writing until the day I die, whatever does or does not come of it! It is my passion, second only to my beloved wife of six years, and closely followed by teaching.

I am twenty nine years old, and while it can be frustrating trying to get the acclaim needed for a writing career to take off, I am persistent, prolific, and have a lot of time ahead of me. Right now I am focusing on honing my craft as much as I can, perfecting the books I am working on, and g...

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