My mission is to bring financial literacy to 40 million kids through hands-on experience. I've been speaking, writing, and developing technology in the youth financial literacy field since 2006. My approach is to equip parents with the tools and techniques they need to be effective financial mentors to their kids (while improving their own personal finance skills along the way). I've been a guest on numerous financial, parenting, and technology podcasts inc...

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  • We were lucky enough to have Bill on Digital Dads and he was fantastic. A terrific person and extremely knowledgeable, he'd be a tremendous guest for your show!
    Brent Basham
    Poddit Co-Founder
  • Bill was a lot of fun to talk with. He's knowledgable, personable, and quite willing to work with the producer to get the best possible product--and he certainly doesn't use the interview to overtly promote his own product.
    Ryan Dunn
    Bad-ass Dad