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Carole Sanek

I am THAT woman, THAT friend, the one who always got caught in school by the teacher and you didn't.

public speaker published writer former podcaster award winning blogger breast cancer survivor #thrivelive fb live

I am a great guest. I am writing 3 books, yes all at the same time. My darling husband died in 2019 and that turned my life upside down. I lost my identity, parts of me died too. All 3 of my books have to do with life, love and preparation for change because grieving will happen to all of us. I went from being a podcaster with 2 shows, a live-streamer about thriving, a social media PR thought leader, a public speaker, and yes, a wife, to ground zero. I picked myself up knowing my husband would be very disappointed in me if I did not take the sh*t that had happened to me and turn it into something I have always done well, help other people. The world that had swallowed me whole spit me back out and I returned to live streaming. I became a podcast guest, I was connected and had been for years and I re-connected with people whom I had known for years in podcasting only now instead of talking about marketing and branding I was talking about how I hit bottom, how I came back from PTSD with a newer approved therapy, and I started writing daily. I wrote every morning on Facebook, then I returned to blo...

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grief recovery from ptsd moving forward past fear