A high energy and charismatic podcaster, speaker, Amazon #1 best selling author and international top rated course creator with over 1000 students in 51 countries, Larry Roberts has been in coaching and facilitator roles for more than 25 years.

Whether it's corporate soft skill, technical or sales training, facilitating small business groups or teaching martial arts, Larry thrives on sharing his knowledge and insight in a way that will grab your attenti...

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1+1 = Podcast
by Larry Roberts

When I started podcasting, I read so many different books and watched so many different videos that I ended up confused and overwhelmed to the point that I went out and bought equipment that I still haven’t even used! Odds are, its outdated tech by now too. Don’t tell my wife though. She still thinks I’m going to use it.

Here I will cover the basics as in a clear non-technical, non-jargonal manner just like I would if you and I were having a conversation....

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  • I was fortunate to get interviewed on Larry's Readily Random podcast. Let me tell you, he doesn't disappoint. Full of "radio style" personality and a robust sense of humor, he makes the interview fun from either side of the mic.
    Brent Basham
    Poddit Co-Founder