The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

Where People of Faith Cross Paths to be a Blessing to Others

Podcast Description

The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast is an interview podcast published Monday - Friday. Each episode is approximately 28 minutes in length (and also airs on "Evangelism Radio" - an online Christian radio station with listeners in 160+ nations and all 50 states. "Evangelism Radio" has been ranked by as #1 in the world (in genre) on many occasions).

I interview Christian business owners, non-profit leaders, authors, musicians, missionaries, coaches...

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Our Audience

In the almost three years since launching our podcast and the nine years of operating the radio station, I have completed in excess of 3,000 combined episodes.
We have over ONE MILLION listening hour

About Us

The Kingdm Cross Roads Podcast started as a weekly podcast. It was not until Bob Thibodeau began to see the potential reach this podcast could have that he started to take it seriously and put time and effort into creating the quality program you see and hear today.

Beginning in the summer of 2016, we stepped up from a weekly to a twice per week routine. Within one month or so, we quickly realized this podcast was catching on fire - and fast! We were rec...

  • Pastor Bob runs a great show and has one of the best voices in podcasting. Listen to him introduce his guests and you'll hear what I mean. :) If you are living a Christ-centered life, listen and subscribe to this podcast.
    Dom Brightmon
    Bookcasting Leadership Guy