Podcast Description

A podcast show dedicated to military families "holding down the fort."

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Ideal Guest

Military families or advocates of the military community. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/hdtf-faqs

Our Audience

Military families seeking education, support, and the confidence they need to continue “holding down the fort” - even after service.

About Us

The show was created by Gold Star daughter and Veteran Spouse Jen Amos when she noticed that active duty military spouses were receiving secondhand information crucial to “holding down the fort” by the servicemember and the military. This lack of knowledge for the active duty military spouse community became clear when ‘02 West Point grad and Veteran Scott R. Tucker (also Jen’s husband) was interviewed by VirtForce Founder Kimber Hill.

Holding Down the Fort Podcast is intended to share insightful information that military families and post-military families may not always have immediate access to make informed decisions for their household. We interview experts and advocates of the military community to share valuable knowledge and resources.