The Funnel Society

Making Sales Funnel Great Again!

The Funnel Society

Making Sales Funnel Great Again!

Podcast Hosts
  • Will Esterhuyse

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Podcast Description

The Funnel Society is a community where we Geek out about sales funnels with other experts and coaches from around the world.

We talk about:
• Behind the scenes of our 5 to 8 figure sales funnel clients showing you how they made the jump to the next level
• What IS working and what is NOT working for them
• How you can build and scale your very own hyper profitable sales funnels.
• What impact this lifestyle has on their family life
• The challenges...

entrepreneur online sales online marketing sales funnels
Ideal Guest

Our ideal guest:
* You've built an online business using sales funnels
* Have an audience that knows, likes and trusts you
* Have a family that support you on your journey
* Have core values to serve your customer first

Our Audience

Our audience are funnelpreneurs just starting out on their sales funnel journey or have had some level of success and looking to scale to the next level. They're frustrated with the story that 'lambo gurus' are selling them on about instant success and looking for transparent, actual results and advise.

About Us

I've been in the online marketing space since 2015 and have had the privilege to work with some amazing online marketers. I run a sales funnel agency managing and scaling our 5 to 8 figure client accounts.
Some victories we're super proud of:
* Client placed 3rd in the MasterMind launch of Tony, Dean and Russell;
* Client hit 5 ClickFunnels two comma club awards;
* Client hit 8 figure ClickFunnels award;

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