Podcast Description

So the big question is this: how are people in their 20’s like us, who can’t necessarily commit to spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars on therapy sessions each week, yet alone get out of bed, how do we figure out the ways to conquer anxiety in this world where so many of us struggle but can’t find the tools to do so? That’s the question and this podcast will give you the answers as we go on this journey together: I’m Ayelet Shipley and I am the host...

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Ideal Guest

Someone who is in their 20's and 30's who has experience with anxiety and understand the tools to help people. Specifically, young entrepreneurs who have over come anxiety.

Our Audience

Our audience are people in their 20's that are struggling with their mental health. They may not have the time or money to invest in thousands of dollars in therapy sessions. This podcast gives those people the tools that want and need to change. Our audience wants to understand their anxiety and how to over come it.

About Us

Ayelet received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Elon University and is in her second year of her Master’s in Social Work Program at New York University. Having worked in the mental health field for years, she has a deep understanding of working with adults and children experiencing mental health problems as well as working with individuals with special needs. After experiencing both anxiety and depression for a decade, Ayelet is passionate about tackling these issues that can often control someone’s life. Just as she has learned to tackle anxiety, she hopes this podcast will help you as well.