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Podcast Description

Discussing everything about starting, building, and launching websites. Learn everything from A to Z about starting and creating your own website.

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Ideal Guest

Guests can explain how they built their websites, or how to create parts of any website using certain tools. They also understand website creation or specific tools one should have or need. Experts can talk about domains, hosting, SEO, etc.

Our Audience

Our audience contains people looking for tips to help them with their current website, or they are looking to launch their own website. The audience loves simple talk and doesn't want to get confused with too much tech talk and code talk.

About Us

I couldn't find anyone online that I could relate to. I wanted to fine someone to explain business in the most simplest ways possible. So, I created my own podcast to do just that.

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  • I have to say that James and Blare Radio Podcast was a total treat. James is BEYOND organized and prepared and made me feel so comfortable. He had thoughtful questions ready and he's so interesting to talk to! Thank you James!
    Jennie Wright
    List Building & Lead Generation Specialist