Nerds of the Round Table

Show Credentials
lifelong nerds good at some things been alive for like 4 decades
Podcast Description

Scott, Buzz, Rae, and Goldie are Scuzzcast. Operating out of victoria BC for 3 years, we talk about comic books, games, movie, and generally anything we want, but with a heavy lean toward the nerdy. Join us for some laughs and possibly learn a thing or two. But probably just the laughs.

Ideal Guest

We have rarely had guests, but our ideal guest would be someone relevant to nerd culture in some way.

Our Audience

Our show is explicit and sometimes offensive. Our sense of humor could bring out the torches and pitchforks in a hurry. If you enjoy a group of nerds talking about nerd culture topics such as comic books, movies, video games, and Henry Cavill's mustache then you might just enjoy scuzzcast. We came from humble beginnings, reaching nearly 30 episodes before we even owned proper mics, but we are growing constantly and trying to improve the format as we go. If a ner...

About Us

Scuzzcast was the deformed and angry brainchild of Scott and Buzz, the founders and OG hosts of Scuzzcast. It all started on an iPhone of some sort with a built in mic, sitting on the porch sipping White Russians. It wouldn't be until episode 8 that Goldie joined the scene, with Rae following shortly there-after. But oh boy, things were a mess, and in true scuzzcast form they stayed that way. for a really long time.

Some 70 episodes later though and we have...