From Startup To Success

From Startup To Success

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I interview Business Owners from All Over the Globe to find out what the Secret to their Success is. Each entrepreneur I talk to on this podcast started out from nothing, and with time created a profitable business. Learn from their mistakes so you can gain an advantage in your entrepreneurial journey and get insight into how they got started growing their company.

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Ideal Guest

Any Entrepreneur that is willing to share their story in an effort to help others become successful in their journey.

Our Audience

Our audience consists of Entrepreneurs from all ages looking to improve not only their business but their lifestyles as well. They are hungry for value and are eager to learn more.

About Us

My name is Mike DeHart and I am the host of the podcast. I have had multiple endeavors in the entrepreneurial world. I first got thrown into the "fire" when I was 18 years old. After years of learning what it takes to make a business work, I jumped out of the business I was running at the time to pursue my passion for helping others succeed. I have now taken that same spark of passion here into this podcast. I never had the opportunity to learn from suc...

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