The Whole Veterinarian

Podcast Description

Is it impossible for veterinarians to aim for a more balance? The Whole Veterinarian will highlight topics such as personal development and finance, productivity and happiness. I will interview a diverse array of outside sources and aim to provide actionable strategies to improve your day to day life. You already know how to be a vet; together, let’s get inspired so we can grow into our whole selves.

personal finance mindfulness personal development
Ideal Guest

My ideal guest would be able to think of a hard-working, busy, deep-in-student-debt veterinarian and highlight a few ideas that this vet could implement in their life in order to improve overall well-being.

Our Audience

Veterinarians who face burnout and compassion fatigue, significant student debt and demanding clients. Many of these veterinarians have been so focused on becoming a vet that personal development isn't even on their radar. 85% of the graduating veterinarians are female and my podcast will also highlight the unique challenges facing working mothers.

About Us

Dr. Cordivano, a graduate of Penn State University and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, completed a one-year internship at B.W. Furlong and Associates in New Jersey. Her training focused on sports medicine, internal medicine and general ambulatory practice. She subsequently spent an intensive six months in Ocala, Florida expanding her experience in the lameness field as an associate with Furlong and Associates. Dr. Cordivano ope...