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The Brave Podcast


Podcast Description

I love stories. I believe that we can all learn from each other's experiences. Some had difficult lives filled with trials and pain. Some have lived lives ruled by fear and loss. Some had pretty "easy" experiences. No matter what you've been through, everyone has a story to tell and to share your story is BRAVE. Each week a friend and I get together and share stories as a means to encourage others. No matter what you've gone through, you have a story. YOU. A...

writing, growth, forgiveness, business, entrepreneurs, relationship faith, adversity, trials, hope, abuse,
Ideal Guest

My ideal guest has:
Conquered fears
Has experienced adversity and made it through to the other side
Encouraged others through their stories

This podcast is primarily Christian Faith based but open to talking to other faiths and belief

Our Audience

My listeners vary in age. A vast majority of them are faith based, primarily Christian. Their ages vary between 25-65. Our listeners are about 70% female, 30 %male. Most of them live in California, but I have listeners as far as Russia. They are middle to upper class.

About Us

In 2017 at age 33 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 thyroid cancer. This woke me up and I started changing how I lived my life. I went from having a life ruled by fear and rejection to a life that said yes to God. I started facing my fear head on and decided to pursue the things I dreamed of, despite being afraid. I started writing again in 2018 and then started this podcast in January 2020. Everything God's asked me to do has been terrifying to me, but I said ye...

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