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On What If We're Right? hosts Eric Hunt & Gord Strain provide you with the most important news stories of the day as well as a comprehensive explanation of why they are the most important news stories and how to best control the impact the news has on your every day life. It is insightful, innovative, provocative and absolutely impossible to turn off once you start listening. Whether you agree with them or not, you are left with one daunting question at the ...

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Our ideal guest is anybody who has an opinion about something or a question about something or is simply aware of something and would like to discuss it or has no idea about anything and possesses a strong desire to be first hand while two

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Our audience consists of everybody who listens to our show.

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Eric Hunt is a Vancouver, BC based writer and Comedian whose unique perspective and incomparable intellect could have led him to become a world leader and probably the most important figure in modern history but he never got a driver's license which proved to be problematic in his quest for domination.
Gord Strain is a modified Roomba vacuum cleaner currently living and working in the Greater Toronto Area.