Plant Based Eating for Health

Plant Based Eating for Health

Podcast Description

For those who either currently promote a whole food, plant based, oil free, unprocessed foods, lifestyle or are eager to learn how to do so. We have a strong focus on a balanced protocol of nutrition, exercise, meditation and community.

Eating a whole food diet without animal products has the potential to prevent and reverse diseases and obesity, which improves our health and longevity.

There is a focus on how plant based eating can actually improve ...

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Ideal Guest

All featured guests must be 100% plant based and/or vegan in the eating and lifestyle. If vegan, you must be a healthy vegan. Guests are also very aligned with compassion to animals and the environment.

Our Audience

Those who are currently plant based and those who have an interest. People who listen are looking for viable solutions to transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. Some are interested in weight loss, although this is not a show about "fad" diets. It's a show about the lifestyle of being plant based. Listeners are also very interested in compassion to animals and kindness to the planet through conscious living and food choices. The audience is male and female...

About Us

Kathleen Gage has been an online marketer for over 20 years and owned her current business since 1994. During this time, she has gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully) weathered the storms of the ups and downs of the economy, the Internet, and coming to terms that she, and only she, could determine the quality of her life based on the quality of her beliefs, actions and commitment to excellence.

Specializing in working with businesses who believe a...