The Author Inside You

Motivation To Publish Your First Book!

Podcast Description

The Author Inside You Podcast is an online radio show designed to encourage authors to write and publish their first book. The podcast, produced and hosted by Leah and Matt Rafferty, is recorded in an interview-style with a different author on each episode. The guests share their insights on creating their first book, from the rejections to the praise, with the hope that through their motivation, you will one day publish the book of your dreams!

writing self publihsing motivating listeners to write a book
Ideal Guest

We interview first-time authors about writing, editing, publishing and promoting their book. We like to have well spoken and energetic guests. Our interviews are recorded weekdays around 7 pm via Facetime audio on an iPhone.

Our Audience

Our audience desires to hear the stories of recent first-time authors. They are looking to be motivated to finish their book.

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