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Podcasting Starts with an idea: an idea that is not easily squished! However, long before their creators ever sit down at the microphone, a podcast idea needs to hardened, tested, and found worthy. This goes beyond just content creation and delivery. It requires real thought and structure to design a podcast that will survive long enough to find an audience. Follow your host Kyle M. Bondo has he takes fragile podcast ideas and transforms them into fierce aud...

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Designer, Creatives, Podcast Creators, Producers, Directors, Writers, Artists

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New podcasters that are creating a podcast.

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Kyle M. Bondo is dedicated to simplifying the complicated world of Podcasting. As the Chief Creative at Gagglepod, and co-host of Podwrecked, Kyle has been podcasting for 5 years, designed and produced several podcasts, and hopes to make a small dent in your podcasting universe by evangelizing the principles behind good podcast design.

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