Choice Nugs Only

Tune in...Smoke out...

Podcast Description

Choice Nugs Only is a weekly podcast in which our hosts Perry and Vince get stoned, talk about the things they love and tell some embarrassing stories along the way! Choice Nugs Only...Tune in...Smoke out...

comedy cannabis stories
Ideal Guest

This show only has guests that are willing to join in on smoking cannabis and conversating. That's really the only requirements.

Our Audience

Our audience is made up of stoners of all kinds and people who are interested in cannabis culture! They like to laugh and they like the familiarity they have with the hosts. They appreciate story telling and are not afraid of coarse language or out there topics. They also like to smoke weekly with their favorite stoner podcasters!

About Us

We are a couple of friends who decided to do a podcast together. My co-host Carson is a couple years younger, so we get different perspectives between the two hosts. We like to have a good time and smoke out!

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