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In the podcast i share the lessons I've lean't and bring my own stories into what i've done to change it. I've only been podcasting about a month but love it

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Ideal Guest

I'm looking for average Joe's (like me) who have ether just started on their journeys to a better life or Average Joe's who are doing great and can share their experiences to help the audience

Our Audience

Average Joe's who are living unhappy, unfulfilled and regretting their life's. They work in a deadend job doing a physical job they hate doing, not spending any real quality time with their family and feel lost and trapped.

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About Us

I've worked in the bottom jobs and got sacked from most of them because I've hated the jobs, I've always struggled to find my purpose and always thought there was a better life but i didn't know how. I felt like a slave to the government who just used me as a number and that's when i found out there was a way i could live my life by my terms. The way i see success and how to achieve it is by first believing you can do it, then changing you mindset to get rid...