500 Section Lounge


Podcast Description

Sam, Richey, and Little Matt bring you all kinds of topics! They laugh, joke around, play games, and talk to AMAZING guests! From sports radio talk show hosts, reality TV contest finalists, Emmy award-winning travel TV personalities, & everything in-between, the guys talk to them all in the Lounge! So, sit back, relax, and always remember to #grabalisten!
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Ideal Guest

We typically try to find guests who have a great story or job to talk about, while hanging out in the Lounge! We don't do a typical question/answer interview, we do it conversationally... WE HANG OUT WITH OUR GUESTS! We like to joke around

Our Audience

Three-quarters of our listeners fall in the 28-44-year-old range. We have a majority of male listeners. We are listened by all other age demos, and by females, just at a lower rate.
I've found with interacting with a lot of listeners that there is no "specific" topic that resonates as "perfect."
What I would say they look for: a great, interesting, captivating story or job, and a personality that is easy-going, but serious in their expertise. They are cer...

About Us

We are all dads of children under 13 years old so we host a family-friendly, sometimes PG-13 rated show! We want people to be able to listen to us with ALL audiences around! That's not to say that we don't talk about funny things, and somewhat "adult" topics... we just do it creatively!