Par 4 the Course: Business Podcast

Mister Mini Golf and guests tell fantastic stories

Podcast Description

Delve into the stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, and other interesting characters with your host, Mister Mini Golf.

Of course (pun intended) Par 4 the Course will also feature all sorts of Mini Golf related content!

Listen to people of all walks of life share their journey. The successes, the failures, and everything in-between.

Each guest gets their own page on Par 4 the Course to promote themselves and their endeavors!

missions dreams passion mini golf storytelling entrepreneurship business
Ideal Guest

Do you have an interesting story? Have you started or own a business? Created a project?

I want to hear your story! Think of this as a chance to promote yourself, your business, and your passion.

Everyone has a story to share, what's

Our Audience

We want to connect with people that like to hear a good story.

The topics can vary from business to passion to a favorite story.

Let people learn about others and connect with them.

About Us

Mister Mini Golf is a professional and sponsored Mini Golfer that has founded two successful Mini Golf based businesses: and Jack-Putt, LLC.

Additionally, he has also founded a Mini Golf charity event platform called Putt4Pledges.

His reach in 2019, was a viewership of over 3 million!