Faith Collides

A business podcast that brings in faith

Podcast Description

A show about people of faith who are executives, experts, entrepreneurs in their field, from all around the world, who actually try to make faith relevant in their lives. Grace dives into the life stories behind how they navigated through career highs and lows, and how faith plays into life at work.

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Our Audience

Faith Collides is for people who think faith can collide at work or in their careers. It seeks to provide industry and career insight and bring inspiration to revive the work week.

About Us

Grace Huang is the founder and host of Faith Collides. She studied Communications at UCLA and was a news reporter for news. At news, she started a feature called 'Religion for the Week' to research and report on the devout and diverse faiths of Bruins on campus.

She had high hopes of having a career in media, but those dreams came crashing down when she couldn't find a job upon graduating 2009. For the past 10 years, she's been...