A Little Breathing Space

Mindful Mid-Life

Podcast Description

"It’s hard to juggle the responsibilities of midlife and still find time and energy for ourselves. Join Clarissa Kristjansson as she interviews guests to hear their stories of struggle and success on find a little breathing space. If you want to a few minutes of mindful meditation or just want to hear some great advice, this is the podcast for you.”

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Our Audience

Busy mid-life professionals (40+) who are looking for better ways to manage their stress, anxiety, menopause or other challenges like burnout.

About Us

The host of the podcast is Clarissa Kristjansson an expert in how a mindful approach to menopause can change women's experience of this life transition. She's the author of the international best seller The MIndful Menopause.
A certified 3rd age woman's health coach, Breathworks mindfulness instructor and food as medicine specialist. A fellow of the RSA and play a lead role in their Mindful Living network.
Her mission to prevent others from spiralling dow...