Courageous Recovery

Offering solutions for your....."I don't know how!"

Courageous Recovery

Offering solutions for your....."I don't know how!"

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executive recovery coach
Podcast Description

In the current culture it's not safe to admit your struggle with substance use disorders or with other compulsive and destructive behaviors. My mission is to change the attitudes in our workplaces, our faith communities, and in our homes. We must "Crush the Stigma!"

Listeners are invited to experience a new paradigm in substance use disorder awareness.

Drug or alcohol misuse usually doesn't affect just one person. 1 in 4 Americans are struggling with s...

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Ideal Guest

Someone with a compelling message about their journey while battling drugs, alcohol, porn, or other compulsive and destructive behaviors. A business owner or a talented management professional who has either personally succeeded in recovery

Our Audience

My target market are successful business owners or corporate executives, in the 32 to 58 age group, who are battling substance use disorders or some other compulsive and destructive behaviors. Listeners are seeking solutions to enhance their personal recovery or they are in pursuit of solutions for beginning the process of healing and restoration. They're sick-and-tired-of-being-sick-and-tired!

The target market includes loved ones of the guy or gal who's...

About Us

As the founder and host of the Courageous Recovery podcast, I'm also an author, a problem solver, and a motivating presenter.

I'm a guide for talented management professionals whose drive has led them down a path of destructive and compulsive behaviors.

Since leaving the corporate life - leaving as a VP of a $50 billion gas and electric utility. My passion is to save lives, keep marriages together, and restore families. My mission is to "Crush the Stig...