Tootsie Rolaids Life's Sweet Relief

Podcast Description

HELLOO EVERYONE My name is Rocio (row-see-oh!) And my podcasts name is Tootsie Rolaids for Life's Seet Relief. I created a space for IVF Latina Support!
The Latina and WOC Community has NO representation in the infertility world. We are not represented,and not supported by our community. I went through IVF and as a Latina, I had to go through this pulling from different directions to create my own space, thus creating my Podcast Tootsie Rolaids Lifes sweet...

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Ideal Guest

My ideal guest will be any professional that can give my listeners advise on : iui/ivf, infertiltiy, different methods to try before going through IVF, mental health awareness, coping with loss, TIPS TO DE-STRESS, being a first time mom and