Human Nature

When we look at nature, we see ourselves...

Podcast Description

Human Nature is a podcast run for charity, featuring interviews with celebrities & environmentalists, followed by a game show round. Each week, a well-known guest is featured, talking about their own life story and a favourite animal of theirs. This is followed by 10 trivia questions against fans of the show. 100% of funds raised are donated directly to protecting threatened species. It's designed so anyone can listen in, with the intention of raising awaren...

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Ideal Guest

Guests on the show are celebrities, influencers, leading figures or environmentalists with an interesting life story and a love of living creatures. They come from all walks of life, united by a desire to donate their time to a worthy cause

Our Audience

The environmental movement is one of the fastest-growing in recent history, and the audience base of interested listeners thus sits at a potential 600 million nature enthusiasts globally (and counting). Unfortunately, a majority of content in this vein is issue-oriented, neglecting the fact that people resonate chiefly with the animals themselves. Human Nature is designed as comic relief, with all benefits from revenue and exposure channelled into charitabl...

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About Us

Elliot Connor (the show host) is the founder and CEO of Human Nature Projects- an international environmental NGO supporting volunteers across 104 countries. He is also a recipient of Samsung's 2020 Eco-Hero Award, a published author and passionate blogger, documentary producer and presenter/ wildlife filmmaker, and much else besides. See for more info, or head over to his Poddit profile at