The Silicon Valley Podcast

Podcast Description

We Interview Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders in Tech to share their Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experiences with the world.

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Ideal Guest

Industry expert, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker, Leader in Tech That is great on the microphone, engaging, clear and articulate speaker, that has a large social media following and/or media support to push the episode

Our Audience

Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker, mostly in US but we do have some followers in startup communities outside the us such as in Kenya, Cameroon, pockets of India

About Us

I moved to Silicon Valley and realized I never really knew anything. The people here are amazing. I was lost. I had to start at square one and build relations and learn from the people around me. The people here have experience and wisdom that is unmatched in the startup world. What they possess can help entrepreneurs everywhere. With that, I have been on a mission to get that knowledge in the hands of others.