Bowties and Business

Where a "fashionable" nerd and knowledge meet.

Podcast Description

We Talk to established leaders, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and a variety of other folks that will help you learn, build confidence, and grow your business.

Regardless of whether your career is just starting, steady, or stalling, join me and a collection of business and thought leaders who are experts in their fields as they share their decades of first hand, real-world experience from the ground floor to the executive suite and every corner of t...

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Ideal Guest

Someone with Start Up, Business Owner, Strong background. Knowledge in their area of expertise with a willingness to share genuine information beyond a "message" or pitch to help the listeners.

Our Audience

Our audience is a mix of individual contributor sales, business owners, and sr. leadership roles. The geography is predominately North American. 65% female between 25 and 44. Each episode also gets it's own post on and is shared on the show and Tim's socials. LinkedIn is the one that draws the most views and engagements.

About Us

I'm a geek and love to learn new things from each conversation. Business growth and sales are a strong focus but there is more to life than the numbers and we strive to share ideas, best practices, and leadership principles along the way.