Copy I.D. Podcast

Your Business Has It's Own Identity

Podcast Description

The Copy I.D. Podcast was created to help you identify new ways to grow your business.

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Ideal Guest

Someone that is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge with the world!

Our Audience

Generally, our market is:
80% Women 25-45
Relatively new to online business but has the ambition and drive to push forward and focus

Featured Video
Past Interviews
Accountability and Hope feat. Jamie Grogan
Start Your Own Podcast feat. Jenny Suneson
Getting out of debt feat: Brad "The Zero Debt Coach" Long
About Us

We are professional e-commerce copywriters helping small businesses grow their online presence.

Our goal is to save them time, money, and headaches. We do that by offering done-for-them social media/email templates.

Plus ridiculously affordable social media/masterclass subscriptions, where we feature not just our own knowledge but expert guests as well.

We are go-getters and work best with those that have determination, ambition, and positive outl...

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