Bento Bureau

A podcast about Japan from an international perspective.

Podcast Description

Bento Bureau is a podcast about Japan from an international perspective, focusing on various topics about Japanese society through our interviews with experts, authors, activists, or just normal individuals who have stories to share about Japan.

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Ideal Guest

The ideal guest for us is someone who has an interesting story to tell about their experience in Japan, experts who have knowledge on various topics related to Japanese society, and entrepreneurs who are aspiring for success in Japan.

Our Audience

Our audience is made up of an English-speaking audience that has the interest to learn about Japan beyond what popular culture tells us through the media. Many of our listeners are undergraduate and graduate students who are based in Japan, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to learn more about the startup ecosystem in Japan.

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About Us

Bassim Hijazi is the Editor at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation. Outside of creating and producing Bento Bureau, he is also the producer of the WISE Words Podcast, which is a podcast platform that invites the world's leading thought leaders, innovators, educators, and artists from around the world.

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