Beyond 6 Seconds

Podcast Description

Beyond 6 Seconds is a podcast that goes beyond the six seconds we typically take to make a first impression by featuring the
extraordinary stories of everyday people. In each episode, host Carolyn Kiel interviews people from all walks of life whose creativity and entrepreneurship make the world a better place. Guests talk candidly about the challenges they've faced, the ups and downs in their journeys, and how they've achieved their goals. Listeners are ins...

Ideal Guest

Someone who is willing to share their candid stories about how they've overcome significant challenges in their lives and what they've learned along the way. Frequent guests include entrepreneurs, creatives and other leaders.

Our Audience

My ideal listener is a new or aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for some real advice and inspiration from people just like them. They reject the typical stories from "social media celebrities and influencers" about the glorification of the hustle (sleeping 2 hours a night, working all the time, sacrificing everything else in your life to the hustle, with the promise of riches and accolades that seem to come overnight, etc.) because they see these stories ...