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John's podcasts, Shock and Emotions (with Gary Shock) and Daily Emotions (solo show) connect current events with nostalgic memories and daydreams of the future. These are Generation X podcasts for misfits and underdogs — a safe haven for the “struggling artist” archetype.

Occasional guests include artists, performers, entrepreneurs, and interesting people from all walks of life — anywhere on Earth.

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Podcasters with their own shows to promote. Let's talk about what you're working on!

Our Audience

Our audience has followed John Emotions through a couple iterations of his podcast, and understands his journey. The audience is very open-minded about all mental health topics, the struggles of fitting in, feeling unwanted, etc. It is a relatively safe place to share your story, anonymously if you wish.

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Persistence is key; Don't let the bastards get you down.
Post-Election Emotions: Sympathy for The Fans, Not The Team
About Us

Gary Shock and John Emotions met while attending college for television broadcasting. They've remained friends over the years due to their common bonds around music, filmmaking, Generation X, and their hometown in the SF Bay Area. Both entrepreneurs have started businesses, collaborated on music and film projects, and share a passion for old-school radio broadcasting. They have some stories to share that most people wouldn't believe.