Florida Men: The Official Podcast of Florida Man

Podcast Description

Tales from the shady side of the Sunshine State. Every week we share stories about America’s most prolific criminal: Florida Man.

Part true crime, part comedy, all weird. This show is about the kind of stuff that only happens in the state where everybody is crazy from the heat.

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Ideal Guest

Anyone who has a story about something crazy, funny, or weird that happened in Florida. It could be a personal story, something that happened to a friend, or something that you saw in the news. The wilder the story, the better. We are an un

About Us

Originally from Michigan, Joel has been a Florida Man since 1994. He does all the editing for the podcast and most of the social media posts. He also writes about himself in the third person.

Phil grew up in Mississippi, and arrived in Florida in 2012. He is the musician, recording gear expert, and engineer for the show. He is totally not afraid of clowns.