Guided Rebooted

Be you super-Naturally.

Podcast Description

Formerly Guided the podcast is now being rebooted! This rebooted podcast will have a refreshed vision that is aligned with my new direction in my work. Formerly, I was a Self-love life coach, I revised my branding to be: Heart Whispering Mystic & Intuitive Coach. It will be more focused on these main topics: Empaths/Empathy, Clairaudience (four Clairs), Highly Sensitive Persons, Mysticism & Coaching to your true self. Be You Super-Naturally!

The shows wil...

sensitive is a superpower intuition in business & life
Our Audience

My audience are seekers of their spiritual path. This means learning about psychic abilities, mysticism, spiritual tools, and realizing how they are in the world, how to leverage that in their lives. Also how to feel okay with these gifts so that they can blossom into who they truly are.