Hello UX

A Podcast to Empower the Design Community

Podcast Description

A podcast aimed at those pivoting into UX Design.

Ideal Guest

We are looking for seasoned UX Designers, Hiring Managers, Product Designers, UX Managers, and Web Developers who are willing to share their experiences to up and coming UX Designers.

Our Audience

For those considering entering the UX Design scene.

About Us

As we began our journey into the world of UX Design workforce, we still relied on each other for support and to talk about our experiences post-UX Bootcamp. We wondered how different our experiences might have been with some guidance along the way.
Hence, Hello UX came to be as we wanted to create a space to help others like ourselves by offering advice, resources, and a platform to help you, the listener, obtain all the necessary information to begin you...

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