Jacob's Podcasting Production

selfmade, selfstarted, unscripted, mentalhealth, running,

Jacob's Podcasting Production

selfmade, selfstarted, unscripted, mentalhealth, running,

Podcast Description

"This podcast is about Mental Health and ways to better yourself. My hope is to reach out to everybody through this podcast and even touch deeply on certain topics. A mixture of humor in between, I hope and pray you to enjoy my shows. Because I can guarantee you, they are unique in their own right."

Start up podcaster with the vision of transforming it into a full-time career.

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Ideal Guest

Any guest looking too speak on mental health, people who have dealt with depression, anxiety, PTSD, any mental illness. Somebody who can also share their Hero's Journey to where they are today.

Our Audience

Any audience with a positive attitude, a entrepreneur mindset, highly motivated, and also anybody who has or had experience in the medical field working with people who have a mental illness.

I am completely open (but never had any sponsorships) too anybody who wants too offer me a sponsorship (See podcorn link https://app.podcorn.com/podcast/632401d53e4e ).

Also anybody who has an open mind.

About Us

First off I have high functioning autism link provided in parenthesis too learn more (https://www.healthline.com/health/high-functioning-autism), who has an extreme passion for podcasting and loves too share his thoughts, opinions, ideas, with the world! I do not have a script in terms of my own podcasting platform. I am a self-made self-started podcaster who runs his own shows without any director. It's also unscripted with each episode, so no episode is ex...

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