Kated Travel Podcast

Travelling the world with you

Podcast Description

"Travelling the world with you, to a new destination or travel topic every single day."

The short-form daily Kated Travel Podcast covers travel tales, tips, trends and bucketlists. It's your daily dose of travel inspiration, with your host Stephen Bailey and guests from all around the world. Podcast guests include travellers sharing their tale or specialist topic, along with travel industry insiders.

Launched in late November 2019 the podcast is showi...

Ideal Guest

Passionate traveller or travel lover with a tale or topic to share. Including:
a) immersive insight into a specific destination
b) an epic trip
c) travel tips, trends or other inspiration
d) A great travel bucketlist

Our Audience

People who love to travel and are based all around the world. Approx 50% of downloads from the USA, 30% from across Europe, 20% ROW (currently reach +50 countries). We're growing downloads 80-100% month on month!

About Us

Kated Travel Podcast host Stephen Bailey has traveled continuously for the last 14 years, visiting over 100 countries. He's an award-winning travel writer who now speaks about his travel experiences. The Kated Travel Podcast started as a bit of fun, to share some travel inspiration and tales normally told to other travelers on the road. It's grown quickly!
Stephen is also co-founder of Kated.com, a members travel club connecting travelers directly to local...