Loose and Conversational Podcast

Loose Conversations with Interesting People

Loose and Conversational Podcast

Loose Conversations with Interesting People

Podcast Description

We sit down over drinks weekly with friends, old and new, to talk about a whole bunch of things. We like to have loose conversations with interesting people or interesting conversations with loose people.

We aren't trying to motivate or teach anyone anything. We are here to have a bit of fun!

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Ideal Guest

First off, we need you to tolerate alcohol. We want you to have something to talk about but be OK with the fact that we might not talk too much about it. You should be fun, tolerant and very conversational

Our Audience

Our listeners appreciate interesting conversations. They want to hear about something new and interesting and enjoy unique perspectives. Our listeners like us to push the boundaries of what is appropriate and tasteful but get turned off if the conversation is too vulgar. We create a sense of belonging and fellowship. We argue and make fun of each other and our guests often take sides in the arguments.

We generally record 25% - 50% more than we use. We hav...

About Us

We enjoy having a few drinks and talking about interesting things. There are two hosts, Jenn and David. Jenn is a millennial and David is older (Generation X). We are both somewhat progressive but solidly centrist in most things. David sometimes struggles to understand millennial and Gen Z trends. David drinks a lot more than Jenn and is often the host that sends things off the rails first with Jenn left to try to maintain order. Both are intelligent, witty,...