No Driving Gloves

Podcast Description

Each week a combination ofJohn, Derek, Will, or Sean take you on a journey in the collector car hobby. Topics have spanned from DaVinci to the latest in-car tech. With four diverse backgrounds and a century of knowledge, each host brings their very unique take. This can lead to some heated debates and hard thought conclusions. (and maybe a laugh or two)

automotive personalities history of the automobile restoration collecting kids in the hobby electric cars
Ideal Guest

We look for anyone with ties to the automotive industry. This person should bring a different idea or perspective. They should be able to work off the cuff with no script.

Our Audience

Our audience is very much into general automotive knowledge and trivia. Unlike many podcasts, we keep our car talk general and light-hearted. This makes our show an entertainment outlet for our audience, rather than a car talk show.

About Us

We have 4 hosts for No Driving Gloves. However, we never have more than 4 people on the podcast, including the guest. This allows our host panel to be the 3 most qualified to interview the guest. The hosts have backgrounds in hot rod building, museum work and curation, racing, simulator building, restoration, brass era, and post-war sports cars. One also has a TV Show.