Safety Talk

We make people safer in minutes, not months

Safety Talk

We make people safer in minutes, not months

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cybersecurity consultant self-defense instructor campus safety professional event security professional author speaker
Podcast Description

Personal Safety Expert Pete Canavan provides listeners with safety solutions from various experts by educating people and recommending technology to solve the safety problems and security vulnerabilities faced by corporations, schools, and individuals.

Each week Pete interviews experts that can help solve your safety issues and expose your security vulnerabilities as they impart valuable knowledge to listeners and improve your safety – no matter if the ...

computers security personal safety cybersecurity author self-defense martial arts speaking speaker host
Ideal Guest

Looking for safety and security professionals to discuss the challenges facing businesses and individuals today. Interested in addressing new technologies and training has been found to work as well as what doesn't, hasn't or isn't working

Our Audience

Our show appeals to college -educated professional male (57%) and female (43%) listeners who are typically married with children with incomes ranging from $32K to $97K per year. They are interested in learning how to quickly and effectively improve their personal safety & security as well as that of their families in both the digital world and the physical world.

Our show not only features safety and security professionals, but our audience includes po...

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About Us

Safety Talk is the creation of personal safety expert Pete Canavan. Started in January 2019, the show is aired via syndication on the Total Education Network which transmits on over 130 terrestrial radio stations across the country in major US markets with approximately three million weekly listeners. Major US markets include 102.1 FM Tampa, 1630 AM Tampa, 107.1 Las Vegas, 1520 AM Las Vegas, 98.3 FM Macon, GA, 810 AM Macon, GA, 102.1 Lancaster PA, 1640 AM ...