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Talking Sound was created to bring aspiring audio/video engineers and recording musicians not only the best of old and new technologies in the audio field, but also the benefits of the knowledge of application of these technologies. With years of experience in both live and studio engineering of audio and video, host, Christopher Jordan brings to light not only the technical breakdown of how things work together and how to achieve the best results but the pi...

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Audio/ Video Engineers
Live Engineers
Studio Engineers
Mastering Engineers
Film Makers
Special Effects Artists
Lighting engineers
Musical Artists
Broadcast Engineers
game designers
equipment manufacturers
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Audio video engineers and anyone intersted in the world of Audio/Video production

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About Us

With over 20 years of live A/V experience, A/V is Chris' unending passion. Do you have an upcoming corporate event, live broadcast or web feed? Whether it's providing the gear or just running yours with care and precision, Chris can help!
Whether sharing his personal story of living life via passion, teaching podcast boot camps or Emceeing live events and on location broadcasts Chris loves speaking to audiences.
Have you considered starting a home studio, ...