Toys & Tech of the Trade

Toys, Tech, and Talk with some assembly required!

Podcast Description

Conversations with content creators, entrepreneurs and kick-ass folks on our radar showcasing the gadgets and gear they use to run their business and create their content as well as the "toys" that put a smile on their faces.

Toys, Tech, and Talk! Some assembly required.

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Ideal Guest

Looking for creators and entrepreneurs with awesome stories. If you're a creator who also happens to love comics, action figures and geek stuff that's a plus. We care about sharing compelling stories and actionable advice.

Our Audience

Our listeners are a mixture of techies and gadget fans who also happen to love video games, movies, comics, and other assorted pop culture things.

About Us

Rich Butler hosts Toys & Tech of the Trade and is on his third podcast hosting tour after a 400 episode run with My Take Radio and then a comic book podcast (The Variant Issue). Toys & Tech of Trade mixes not only what the RAGE Works brand is all about but it allows Rich to pay it forward and share the stores of other awesome creators with the RAGE Works audience.