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Our voices are courageous and they know!!!

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Where you can hear people and me discuss topics with passion and dignity and not being afraid to know you can make the world can make the world a better place!

and so much more careers abuse authors equal rights racism relationships mental illness love
Ideal Guest

People that have a service that can help others and people that have a story or want to share a powerful message

Our Audience

My listeners range in age I have listeners that are models celebrities musicians students tiktok huge creators and small creators people of different ethnicity and all over the world my listeners are diverse ranging from 21 to 40 and then 50 to 60 if that makes sense but you get the idea

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About Us

My name is Brandy Jay or brandy j Singleton I'm a mother a educator and advocate for bullying I love helping people the background of my show has always been a place where people can speak and where their voice is heard and it matters where what you look like doesn't matter where you come from doesn't matter just having a good heart or great intentions is what matters